Texas Dance Hall Preservation President Deb Fleming lead a group of antique car enthusiasts through the back roads of Fayette and Austin County over the past Friday and Saturday as a means to raise awareness and share her passion for the historic dance halls of Texas. The richness of these special places in Fayette and Austin Counties was obvious to the group who said ‘it was the best tour they had ever made with their clubs’. Flathead V8 Fords from the Dallas Early Ford V-8 Club and the Houston Early Ford V-8 Club were shown 13 halls, 2 painted churches and the Fayette County Courthouse over their two day visit to La Grange where they stayed for 3 nights as a base camp.


The tour started Friday, May 13th with a short tour of the Fayette County Courthouse led by County Judge Ed Janecka. His history lesson about Fayette county set the stage for the two days of dance hall touring.

Day one took the group to Pavilion Hall, Swiss Alp, Ammansville, Holman, Dubina, Freyburg and Sengelmann Halls. In between these the group got a special treat by seeing two of the painted churches that were open. The tour also took the group down Piano Bridge Road as a special treat. Gary McKee and Cathy Chaloupka two local historians and guides helped out with local stories and information along the way on Day one.


Day two took the group east to Colorado and Austin Counties and to Schneider, Liedertafel, Peters, Coshatte, Bellville and Cat Spring Halls. They ended the day at the Pickin’ on the Square in Fayetteville until the storm blew them back to La Grange. Some of the group attended shows at the Bugle Boy both nights while in town. Overall it was a fun two days that the Ford enthusiasts will not soon forget. Many commented that they will be back to further explore the Fayette county area.