Texas Dance Hall Relief Fund

As 2020 kicked off, TDHP  was excited to grow and provide new programs and information to our member halls. For the first time, TDHP had two staff members, and we were optimistic about the future for both Texas dance halls and our organization.

When Covid-19 hit, TDHP was faced with a complete change in operations and plans. The halls we work to support shut down completely, and we waited to see how to best respond. In the spring we worked on internal organization and hall communications. As the shutdown continued into the summer months, we knew TDHP needed to find a way to help the halls. Messages from hall owners grew more and more troubling, with many of them depleting savings and unsure how to pay ongoing bills.

After much behind the scenes work, TDHP rolled out our Dance Hall Relief Fund.

Texas Dance Hall Relief Fund

In September, invitations to apply were sent to almost 200 halls throughout the state. Eligible halls (50 years or older) could apply for reimbursement of building related costs that continued to accrue even with halls completely shut down. The Relief Fund functioned as a reimbursement grant, covering specific expenses directly related to the building such as insurance and utilities. Thirty-two halls from across the state applied, submitting receipts for over $250,000 worth of expenses.

Our fundraising goal set, TDHP launched the public fundraising effort through press releases, news appearances, and a steady stream of social media content. Donations came in, but in this uncertain time we knew we had set a lofty goal.  In mid-November we received a call that would change the entire situation. A generous anonymous donor notified us that we would receive a check for $250,000 – we would reach, and exceed, or goal. Our grand total was $265,809 in Relief Fund donations, going entirely to the halls in need.

Exceeding our initial goal, we were able to request even more months of utility bills to reimburse. Individual halls requests ranged from $1,200 to almost $50,000 – and each one was fully granted.

Receipts and bills were verified and organized, and on December 29th, TDHP sent out 32 checks to the applicant halls. The feedback we received from hall owners was heartwarming, and we were so grateful to be able to help so many halls during this unprecedented time.

32 Halls:

  • American Legion Post 121
  • American Legion Post 200 (Wallis)
  • Ballroom Marfa
  • Blase’s Hall
  • Broken Spoke
  • Ellinger Chamber of Commerce Hall
  • Geronimo Memorial VFW
  • Harmonie
  • Henry’s Hideout
  • Hermann Sons Gonzales
  • Hochheim Prairie
  • Hungerford – St. Francis Serafin KJT
  • Kendalia Halle
  • La Bahia Turn Verein
  • Lindenau Rifle Club
  • London Hall
  • Millheim Harmonie
  • Moravian Hall
  • New Tabor SPJST
  • Pioneer Hall
  • Round Top Rifle Association
  • San Antonio Hermann Sons
  • Schneider Hall
  • Schroeder Hall
  • Sons of Hermann – Dallas
  • SPJST #1
  • SPJST #92 – National Hall
  • Stagecoach Ballroom
  • Sweet Home Hall
  • Twin Sisters
  • Wied Hall
  • Yorktown Community Hall

Making a Difference:

“We received our check – I cannot even begin to thank you – I just cried when I opened it. This will help us tremendously!!!!”
— Cynthia Ivey, Hungerford

“Thank you , this is truly amazing ! THANK YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU !!!! BLESS YOU AND YOURS!”
— Jon Dunham, National Hall, SPJST #92

“We would like to thank you and the donors of the Texas Dance Hall Preservation Fund from the bottom of our hearts.”
— James White, The Broken Spoke

“I would like to thank you and the Texas Dancehall Preservation and your donors for the donation, it will really help us out to have these fixed expenses covered. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Have a Safe and Wonderful New Year!!!”
— Kurt Heim, Treasurer, The Round Top Rifle Association

“I just wanted to thank you and Texas Dance Hall Preservation for the help. You don’t know what it’s meant. I was seriously contemplating closing our Halle. With this extra boost, I think we will open again as soon as feasible. Thank you again for all your help.”
— Judi Temple, Kendalia Halle

“We received our Relief Fund check from TDHP and the beautiful poster! Thank you and TDHP for all that you are doing. These relief funds mean a lot to our small organization. We are so grateful for the support.”
— Britt Matzurak, Ballroom Marfa

“We received our check, and as previously stated, it is a God send. Thanks again to all of you guys for your effort & support.”
— Sam Morris, Moravian Hall

“We want to express our gratitude again. I cannot say thank you enough. And please visit as soon as you feel comfortable.”
— Christine Krause, Schroeder Hall