Bethany Wolf, Executive Director
Deborah Fleming, Outreach Coordinator

Board of Directors

   Stephen Ray (President)
   Kelley Russell
   Tracy Rohrbacher
   Josh Conrad
   Alexis McKinney
   Sehila Mota Casper
   Matt Reyes
   Sam Seifert (for Ray Benson)
   Jason Mellard (Secretary)
   Priscilla Sauceda (Treasurer)

Advisory Board

  • Laura Acuna

  • Brendan Anthony

  • Amber Leigh Becerra, Schneider Hall

  • Noelle Bridges

  • Jeff Campbell

  • Patrick Cox, Ph.D.

  • Charles John

  • Morgan DiBona

  • Bobby Galvan, Jr., Galvan Ballroom

  • Jo Nell Haas, Twin Sisters Dance Hall

  • Elaine Hanks

  • Linda Henderson

  • Cynthia Inman

  • Gary McKee

  • Julie McGilvray

  • Steph McDougal (Past President)

  • Marsha Milam

  • Abbey Road, Coupland Dance Hall

  • Joseph Stallone

  • Dan Utley

  • James Villafranca, Club Westerner Dance Hall

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