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About Us

Saving Texas Dance Halls one two-step at a time

Texas dance halls are about family, history, romance, and a way of life.  And if you’ve never danced in one, you are really missing out. Unfortunately, many of our historic halls are already lost, and the ones that remain are at risk. Our dance halls are the most Texas thing there is.  We can’t lose them.


Texas Dance Hall Preservation is committed to saving historic Texas dance halls and the authentic music and culture that is still found in them.

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Developing informational programs to promote public awareness and use of Texas dance halls as living venues for community assembly, music, and social dancing.
  • Keeping an inventory of all traditional dance halls in Texas, including those that have been lost.
  • Documenting and publishing the history of Texas dance halls, individually and as a collection of resources, for the purposes of education and outreach.
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for information that can aid the preservation of Texas dance halls.
  • Providing assistance to list dance halls on the National Register of Historic Places or to complete grant applications for preservation projects.
  • Providing financial, technical, or organizational assistance for the restoration, rehabilitation, and preservation of historic dance halls.


  • Deb Fleming, Executive Director
  • Susan Peterson, Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

  • Steph McDougal, President
  • Kelley Russell, President-Elect
  • Linda Henderson, Treasurer
  • Stephen Ray, Secretary
  • Ray Benson/Sam Seifert
  • Bobby Galvan, Jr.
  • Charles John
  • Bratten Thomason

Advisory Board

  • Laura Acuna
  • Brendan Anthony
  • Amber Leigh Becerra
  • Patrick Cox
  • Steve Dean
  • Jo Nell Haas
  • Elaine Hanks
  • Gary McKee
  • Marsha Milam
  • Abbey Road
  • Tracy Rohrbacher
  • Joseph Stallone
  • Dan Utley
  • James Villafranca
  • Carolyn Vogel